Disability Insurance

Protect your most valuable asset.

We use insurance to protect a host of assets, from cars to homes to jewelry. Unfortunately, many people forget to ensure their most important asset — the ability to work and earn a living. If disease or injury renders you disabled early in your working life, the lost wages can be worth much more than a house or a car.The good news is that if you don’t have insurance and get hurt or ill, you aren’t doomed. The Social Security Administration provides some form of disability benefits as a safety net. This, however, it is hard enough to live comfortably and there is a complex eligibility process.For many families, the prospect of losing just a few months’ income or living on half the paycheck is not an option. If this sounds like you, it makes sense to seek out disability insurance to protect yourself. Benefits Square and our team of professionals is here to help.

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Supplement your employer's plan

Disability insurance lets you close the gap between what’s covered by your employer’s group policy and what you need to maintain your lifestyle. Even if you have group disability insurance through work, most group plans:

  • Only covers a portion of your income (typically 50%-60%).
  • Deliver benefits often subject to income tax.
  • Ends when you leave the company.
  • Offer short-term benefits (typically only 6-24 months).