Dental & Vision Insurance

Find the best dental and vision insurance plan for your family and for yourself. At Benefits Square, we furnish clients with all that’s needed to make smart decisions about available plans. No matter which dental or vision plan you choose, you can count on professional, courteous care from us and your provider.

Don't let a trip to the dentist leave a hole in your bank account.

Regular dental appointments help maintain not only your oral health, but your overall wellness, since dental problems can lead to other health problems if left unattended. Most health insurance doesn’t cover dental procedures, but our dental insurance provides the coverage you need. Every $1 spent on oral preventive care, saves taxpayers up to $50 in restorative and emergency procedures for the underinsured.

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Vision care is personal and so is your relationship with your eye doctor.

That’s why we provide you with access to care from great eye doctors, quality eyewear, and the affordable care you deserve. 65% of Americans complain about digital eye strain, which can lead to vision problems. Keep your vision in focus with reasonably priced vision coverage. See better, for less. $437 vs $31- cost of an eye exam, frames, and lenses without and with vision insurance.